The Hole in the Sum of my Parts


Matt’s first ‘proper’ book, published by the Poetry Trust. The Hole in the Sum of my Parts contains a selection of poems from Matt’s four self-published books (available elsewhere on this site) plus six or seven pages of new stuff. It’s gorgeous, though he says so himself. It has pictures, an illustrated section in the middle by the brilliant David Hughes, who is also responsible for the excellent cover. Just look at it. Worth the price of admission just to sit outside.



The blurb on the inside front cover flap* says:
“Matt Harvey celebrates the trials and triumphs of hope over experience. Whimsical, perceptive, affectionate and above all, funny, his effervescent poems chart one of our oldest, essential quests: to love and be loved. Along the way he encounters lonely hearts, tea bags, religious conversions, gradients, gigabytes, curtains and free verse. Always he discriminates positively in favour of rhythm and rhyme.”

To read what it says on the inside back cover flap* you’ll have to buy the book.

*both flaps also have illustrations by David Hughes.

The Hole in the Sum of my Parts £9 (+ P&P) Available online from:,

Or go to and print out an order form.
Alternatively you can e-mail Matt directly with a snailmail address, he will reciprocate, and your cheque for £9 (+ £1 p&p) and his book(s) will cross trustingly in the post.


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