The SWIMBY Musical Songbook

SWIMBY Songbook CoverIn the spirit of goodwill and optimism, Thomas (composer) and Chloe (producer) and I have decided to share our SWIMBY e-songbook with everyone FOC*

We hope you enjoy it.

Please do share it with any choirs/groups etc who might like to make Something Wonderful in their Back Yard. There are also SoundCloud versions recorded by Billy Bottle and Martine Waltier – with Thomas on piano – to help if required.

Download it here

*this  stands for free of charge (in case you felt a bit sworn at). I didn’t realise when I first saw it.

3 thoughts on “The SWIMBY Musical Songbook”

  1. Hi Matt
    I read your poem” something of God” in a past Resurgence magazine and have shared it with friends … hope you don’t mind!
    What a moving expression of the essence of the Quaker philosophy . I am a member of a mainline church but on reading your poem I wanted to join the Quakers although I am very much in tune with their message , I hope .
    If only we could all see that each of us is both amazing and flawed and we are loved in our uniqueness

    Thank you so much for the gift of your poem and I hope to read more
    Alice Maclean

    • Here’s the correct link, Nick SOrry for the mix up, I think they must’ve changed the site a bit since I put the original link up. I’ll change the one on the post.
      It’s up there because Regen host the download because the project grew out of a poetry residency I did with them and was the brainchild of prodicer Chloe Uden who led ther Arts & Energy programme.


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