Welcome to my new website

Hello and welcome to my new website, kindly and cleverly put together by Simon West of Swan Developments.

Soon, so soon, I’ll be  updating the posts below and making links to recent Resurgence articles (I write a regular column in Resurgence&Ecologist magazine) and creating what I imagine will be a fascinating and irrelevant archive of unpublished poems, stories and riveting stuff that will enrich the internet no end.

The site now has a fully functioning SHOP, which works so well that you can actually make purchases. Claudia Schmid and my book Sit! is probably the best thing to buy everyone for Christmas. It costs £7.99 plus p&p and I wish I’d told you about it earlier.

criterion-rumpelNEWS:  The UK AMATEUR PREMIER of Thomas Hewitt Jones & my musical  ‘RUMPELSTILTSKIN’, directed by Richard Warren & Deb Relton-Elves, opens at Coventry’s Criterion Theatre today (3rd Dec) and runs till 10th December.



Here is a vimeo reel with bits and bobs of me doing poems.

Finally I look forward to 2017 which has got to be so much better than 2016.

(Hasn’t it?)

11 thoughts on “Welcome to my new website”

  1. Dear Matt – I loved ‘Sit’ and am looking forward to exploring ‘Mindless Body Spineless Mind’ over the Christmas break. You make a significant contribution to what I laughingly refer to as my sanity 🙂
    best wishes

  2. I would like to buy book with WHAT ARE YOU poem so I can give poem to son and partner fir the baby due on 1st April 2017..,,,it’s great and I think it will make a lovely present. Granny woody2b

  3. Hi Matt
    Loving the work, and the website. Wanting a site for my work. Cool yet quirky and sensitive. Seems you have found that! Would you agree? Would you tell me who built it please?
    Thanks for the pleasure you bring!
    Lizzie (also Eliza Freespirit) in Truro Cornwall

  4. Hello Matt
    Insomniac that I am; listening to Radio 4 Extra t’other night; which you were on. My ears pricked up on the fact that you once worked in a Residential Therapeutic Community. I did, the Cotswold Community. I feel, that we have a connection and, I find myself wondering where you worked in the dim and distant past.
    Go well Matt


  5. Just back from Womad , watching you at the Yip Yak Shack was a joy.
    I have a dog, a garden, curtains and dreams so much of it made so much sense.
    I’ll be watching you.. Tube. Not stalking but definitely spreading the words, your words.

  6. Matt, we missed you on Spotlight last night. Can’t get it on iPlayer so is it viewable anywhere else? Please let it be.

  7. Haven’t seen anything of you for a couple of years a least. I know we’ve had a pandemic but are you still writing and performing. You came to our village hall a few years ago (Whitestone) and it would be great if you could come back. Have you got lots of new material.
    Hope all well.

    • Hello Pam, thanks for your message, yes I’m hopeless at updating the website but I’m still  functional and beginning to get out and about a bit more.
      I do have lot of new material, much of it in collaboration with artist Claudia Schmid (maybe you saw our book, Sit!) and our new book Careless Whisker comes out in August. This means I’ll be doing a show of the same name that requires a screen – I have lots of other pictures to show besides Claudia’s quirky cross-hatchings…
      I’d love to come to Whitestone again some time. Possibly this Autumn? Or closer to Christmas?
      All best wishes,


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