Not My Dog


You’re not my dog

But I could be. I would be, if you’d have me.

I’d be your very good boy

I would, I would, I would!

You’re not my dog

We could do such things together

We could we could we could though,

Couldn’t we?

I’m not even a dog person.

Amazing. That’s my favourite. Nor am I!

I’m a people puppy. A really good boy!

Am I good boy? I am! I am! I am!

And I’m yours.

You’re not my dog!

O love the way you say that, it’s so funny!

It’s the best fun ever being your dog.


Love it!

You’re the best owner I’ve ever had.


7 thoughts on “Not My Dog”

  1. Love not my dog. Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic New Year ?

    Here’s a wee poem

    You’re not my cow

    You’re not my cow


  2. I was given my grand-dad’s lifetime treasured Christmas present, a couple of years ago; an audio recording of ‘You’re not my dog’ with some of your ‘Where Earwigs Dare’ hound, potato and bovine tributes. My grand-daughters- in Totnes, Rosie 7 and Martha 5, defined your work in the most fitting way ! I am reminded of you today having see Little Soldier Comapny in ‘Journey to the Impossible’. Thanks Matt -maybe see you one day, in Paris or Totnes !

  3. Dear Matt
    I read your article in the October “Resurgence” magazine – “The thing is – but where?’ and I particularly liked the idea of blank sheets of paper not having a shallow end. Jumping in can be dangerous. Needless to say, I liked your poem very much and Claudia Schmid’s perfect illustration. Thank you for writing it. Thank you both.
    Jasmine Plant.
    ps I hope the lady took in the dog.


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