Here We Are Then


The poems in this volume are pretty light – some might even say slight. But what they lack in depth they make up for in width, and what they lack in wit they make up for in brevity. What they lack in clarity they make up for in candour, and what they lack in stature they just sit there and lack.




Free Verse
I spoke some free verse to a friend of mine.
She said: “What’s that?” I said, “That? That’s free verse.”
“I bet it is,” she said. “I’ve heard that line
Before. You want to get inside my purse.”
“No, honestly,” I said, “the verse was free.
It didn’t rhyme and neither did it scan.”
“So what’s the catch?” she asked. “And what’s the fee?”
“Trust me,” I said, “I’m not that sort of man.”
“Oh yeah?” she said. I said, “Look, let’s forget it.”
“Listen,” she said, “I’m not born yesterday.
You want something. But you’re not going to get it.
I see the sneaky game you’re trying toplay.
I know my rights. Nothing in life’s for free.”
So I gave in. And charged her 50p


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