The Element in the Room



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The Element in the Room is a book of poems inspired by energy – renewable energy in particular – and a book of pictures inspired by poems about renewable energy.

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Some poems were prompted by reflections on the elements, some from talking with people working in the field, others from renewable technologies themselves – the look of them, their potential, people’s responses to them. Some are playful, cheeky, pithy, others more lyrical and solemn, some are just plain daft. Among them there’s a sonnet, a country and western song and a prose poem called The Not-for-Prophit. You get the picture. None is intended as a ‘last word’, they are offered for your pleasure and interest and to provoke discussion. The illustrations are by a range of talented artists, to be specific: Heidi Ball, Laura Cochón, Tori Dee, Chloë Uden, Josie Ashe, Naomi Ziewe Palmer and More than Minutes. This book was produced in conjunction with Regen SW (A centre for expertise in sustainable energy) and The Centre for Business and Climate Solutions (The University of Exeter) Regen SW is a centre for expertise in sustainable energy supporting community energy groups across the UK to develop their own energy projects and working to a create a positive environment for the development of renewables in the UK


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