Songs Sung Sideways


The verses in Songs Sung Sideways, like those in their predecessor, Here We Are Then, can be enjoyed by readers of all ages, backgrounds and body-types. Mr. Harvey’s poems have proved as popular with the dynamic “Let’s-get-up-and-change-the-world” person as they have with the more retiring “No-let’s-not-I-have-a-sore-wrist” individual, and possess strong appeal for all those in-between.



(For copycat reasons this edition is not for sale in Alaska)

Portrait of a Baby
How often it is said, and said so truly:
“It looks like Winston Churchill.” Poor old Winston.
The infant evidence is stacked against him.
But he won’t let that worry him unduly,
Being dead. His lookalike though’s much alive.
She’s uninhibited and very happy.
Full of herself, she fills her sniffy nappy.
She will not start at school until she’s five.
Meanwhile, vast days like oceans stretch before her,
Her two proud parents utterly adore her –
Her teeny hands, her cheeks like pale, pink peaches,
But Mum and Dad are puzzled when they hear
Her first words: “We shall fight them on the beaches…”


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